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17. Mai 2019

TIL: Diese Beiträge sind von einer künstlichen Intelligenz erstellt

Keine Bock selbst zu bloggen? Kein Problem, da gib’s eine App für! 😜

Nein, natürlich schreibe ich hier weiterhin selbst, aber ich habe heute die Seite entdeckt. Dort gibt man 1-2 Sätze ein und ein neuronales Netzwerk ergänzt dann einen Text dazu.

Ihr kennt mich, ich musste das natürlich ausprobieren! Deutsch hat nicht so gut geklappt, aber auf Englisch funktioniert das schon erstaunlich gut. Der erste Teil (in fett) ist jeweils von mir, der Rest von der künstlichen Intelligenz.

Green dice is a blog about RPG, DIY and internet culture. When I’m not creating content, I’m playing, making games, tinkering, playing games, etc. If you happen to play a few games of D&D, I’d love to give suggestions as to how to improve them.
Here are some rules that I found in the D&D core rulebook (on page 735): When you’re running a race, roll a d10 on the table and take 10. This number is your starting position. You’re considered to have a minimum of 30″ of travel to a location. On the other hand, the DM sets the distance at which you can move and to where you can move only, and the number of movement points you can gain per round. The actual distance to any given location increases as the distance to that location increases. To further expand upon the movement rules, if you’re fighting an enemy, you may add 5 movement points into the roll rather than add in 10. That said, a lot of these rules are pretty much impossible to write (e.g., your

Na gut, die Hälfte davon sind “Regeln”, daher hab ich es noch mal probiert:

Green dice is a blog about RPG, DIY and internet culture. We like to discuss new and exciting games, and share the best bits about the dice-tech game community. We often discuss online forums, online RPGs, and video games. Here you’ll find:
The best games to play at our monthly RPG Night at the Ragged Flagon. We play with other fellow RPG players, and some of us also help people play at our local games store. Enjoy!
I’ve been a tabletop games enthusiast for many years now. I’ve created an amazing game, Bully: The First Fight , since 2009, where players create their own version of the film, with the goal of becoming the movie’s villain. I was also a regular contributor to Tabletop News for a long time, and have been featured or featured on the web about a number of things on my blog as well. My newest blog is The Gaming Art of Myself (see link above). This is about doing my own artwork for games I do myself, and share it for anyone to use in their
There is an update about my crafting projects this month: I made a set of 8 pendants by the way. There’s a new thread on the blog! I am currently creating two pendants each night. It is a great way to share with loved ones this amazing gift.
Thanks for understanding. ❤️❤️
PS/ If you’d like to know more things about my project, make sure to check the official blog post on my website:

Thank you for the love.
Today I would like to show you my latest finished knitting project. It is a two-sided cat collar and it is an instant Christmas gift! Please don’t forget it!! My daughter came up with the beautiful picture!
Click on the images for bigger size.
It looks really cute, so I chose a large.
Please take a look! This project is simple and fun. If you are as fond of Christmas and want to make a beautiful stocking full of yarn, you may love my book: How to knit Christmas trees by Joanne Cotten
Don’t forget to leave a comment with which yarn you would like to see my finished items from that would be perfect for this sweater- any yarn of your choice! See you on the next page!
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Krass oder? Ich dachte ja auch immer, dass viele Spam-Kommentare (hier übrigens ein Best-of), die so teilweise Sinn ergeben von woanders kopiert wurden. Aber vielleicht sind sie auch generiert?

Wenn du das spannend findest, schau dir auch an, dort werden Gesichter von Menschen generiert.

Schreib mir einen Kommentar!


ich bin Julia und schreibe hier über meine DIY-Projekte, Rollenspiel (LARP und Pen&Paper), Internetkram und was mir sonst noch so einfällt.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

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